Share the Love Night July 23 2019



Volunteer Coordinator Warren Spayth organized a fabulous event on Tuesday, July 23. Share the Love Night opened with prayer and a brief introduction by Warren. Warren explained the evening was a time of fellowship, to share our stories and be together.

The event continued with a short humorous anecdote from our Board President Bob Panzer. Bob reminded us that Board of Trustees is a volunteer position. He also highlighted exciting coming events by announcing our newly formatted and published 3rd Quarterly Newsletter. He encouraged everyone to pick up a copy. It is also available on our website at

Our talented videographer, Gary Eisenberg, entertained us with a video showcasing the music of Narayan & Janet and other artists.

Pizza, salad and desserts were provided and conversation and laughter filled the room.

The evening was a testimony to the love we share with each other, our community and the Universe.  We are blessed.


      Click Here for Gary Eisenbergs' You Tube Channel Padan Uplifting Songs