Our Minister


Rev. Dalia Adams

Rev. Dr. Dalia Adams joined Unity of the Valley as our new minister in mid-July 2013.

An ordained Unity Minister, Rev. Dalia describes her life path as motivated by a longing to know God and says that this longing has been like a thread woven into the tapestry of her life – sometimes clearly visible, sometimes hidden from view. As a small child she dreamed of growing up to be a monk or a nun who spent her life in prayer.

Instead, her spiritual path became a path of service and a path of exploration. She has worked with children and adults as a teacher, foster parent, advocate, therapist, counselor, coach, and minister. She has been successful as a business owner, a consultant for organizational management, and she has been recognized for excellence in program development, leadership, and community service. Through her work, she has come to understand that there are many paths to knowing God and her own path has led her to a deeper experience of the Divine Presence as she has come to know the creative power of the human spirit, the healing power of the mind, and the transformative power of love.

Rev. Dalia’s spiritual path has been a story of faith, doubt, resistance, healing, mystical experiences, transformation, surrender, and joy. On more than one occasion she has experienced miraculous healing in the face of life-threatening illness and potentially crippling injuries. At the time, she found guidance in the wisdom of shamanic healing practices, the meditation practices of Eastern spiritual traditions, and the scientific knowledge of Western health psychology. All of these wisdom traditions led her to Unity, where she instantly knew that she had found her spiritual home. In Unity, she found a joyous and welcoming spiritual community as well as a spiritual philosophy large enough to honor the many names of God and the wisdom taught by different spiritual traditions. In the Truth Principles taught by Unity, she found a pathway to infinite possibilities, transformation, and joy. For the past five years, Rev. Dalia has been working as a supervisor, coach, and trainer at Silent Unity’s prayer ministry. She has been a guest speaker at Unity churches in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

She has conducted classes and workshops on the power of prayer, mind-body healing, prosperity, positive parenting, compassionate communication, and creating a life of miracles. She has extensive experience as a counselor, life coach, and spiritual counselor.