Youth Education Team

This team is dedicated to creating a nurturing, supportive and loving environment that empowers our children to discover their spirituality and unfold their divine potential.
*To work with children a person must be fingerprinted and be free of any history of abuse to adults, children or animals.
Positions available:
Classroom Teacher* - teaches children using the curriculum chosen for the particular grade level – Training and mentoring is provided.
Clerical - this position helps with paperwork, creates documents, makes copies, keeps the Ed. Office in order.
Organizing Help (Tidy-Team)– You will be working to keep the classroom and spaces orderly.  
Bulletin Boards – Keeping the Bulletin Boards in the Youth Ed hallway attractive and up-to-date.
Teacher’s Aide* – Works with teachers in the classroom to help with the lesson, keep the children focused, and support the learning environment as directed by the teacher.  
Nursery Aide* – Works with the nursery teacher to provide a safe learning environment for infants and toddlers.   
Special Needs* – Works to ensure that the needs of the Youth Program are fulfilled; this position fills in where they are needed.
Hospitality- Provide healthy snacks to children for Sunday service
The time commitment is 1 ½ hours on Sunday mornings, normally one  or two Sundays per month or that time can be spread throughout the month.   As with all the teams, part of the team commitment is to be available for training and a general volunteer meeting once per quarter. If you are interested in this team please fill out a volunteer information form indicating this team as an area of interest. Please contact  Carrie Lucas 707-447-0521