Workshop Team


 One of the goals of Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center is to attract workshops to the Center that align with Unity’s vision and mission. We are honored to host many workshops and events. These activities offer the opportunity to grow, have fun, and meet new people.  The workshops and some special events are the result of the work done by the Workshop Team.
  Workshop presenters are sought out by the team. Some workshops are suggested by  members of our community.  Once the Workshop Committee has properly vetted the individual to make sure that their message is in line with Unity’s mission, the team invites the presenters to submit a Bio and Flyer so we can help promote their event. Unity promotes their event on FB, Instagram, Unity’s website and calendar. The Workshop Committee takes care of the necessary details before, during and after so that the presenter can offer their workshop to our spiritual community in a relaxed and fulfilling atmosphere.  As part of our team, here are some examples of how you can contribute:
Attend one Workshop Committee Meeting/ month - Sundays at 11:30
Interview potential workshop presenters using our Vetting Process
Arrange (via phone or online) for dates and times that align with Unity’s Master Calendar
Meet and greet the presenter when they arrive in the area
Make sure tables, chairs and required materials are set up
Confirm what audio materials are required (sound, PPT, audio)
Sign workshop attendees in and collect love offering, fee or donation.
Pass out materials at the workshop – assist the presenter as needed
Assist presenter in selling books, CDs or other materials
Be available for training and a general volunteer meeting quarterly
 If interested in joining this team, please fill out a volunteer information form indicating that the Workshop Committee is an area of interest.
To talk with someone on the team contact Brenda Bentley at (505) 331-9095 or e-mail at: