Unity of the Valley Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Unity of the Valley Strategic Plan
July 16, 2017 – July 16, 2020
Approved by Unity of the Valley Board of Trustees on June 22, 2017
Goal 1 Community Outreach and Service
 Increase awareness of Unity message with outreach to members of the greater community who would desire and benefit from our services.
 Expand an abundance of resources with classes , services and experiences within and outside of our church community, allowing ample opportunities for each individual to express their inner Christ spirit.
 Maintain an optimum level of outreach and service to support each individual’s spiritual growth.
Goal 1 Objectives
 Work cooperatively with the Education Team (Goal 2) to host well-known presenters.
 Survey congregation:
1. What classes, programs, services over past 3 years that were especially meaningful.
2. Using list of programs, classes and services not provided over past year (with brief descriptions), ask congregants to indicate future options of interest.
3. Identify service projects that would “set our hearts on fire.” Obtain suggestions from congregation, including youth.
Goal 2 Education
• Categorize and invite speakers in three tiers: Tier 1 – Highest profile, Tier 2 – Less high profile, Tier 3 – Least high profile.
• Assess areas of needed service to the community.
Goal 2 Objectives

 In 2016, gather a Workshop Team of volunteers to seek Tier 1 speakers and workshop events on an ongoing basis.

 In 2016, discover what other Unity churches near us are doing.
 In 2017, collaborate with other churches (e.g. Science of Mind) in hosting events.
 In 2017-18, secure Tier 1 speaker at least one year in advance at large, centrally located auditorium. Postpone to later date
 In 2019, Vacaville Magazine publishes special edition about all churches.
Goal 3 Ministry
• Support the health, vitality and happiness of our ministers and our ministry.
Goal 3 Objectives
 Hire volunteer coordinator by January 2017.
 Hire part-time assistant minister by January 2018. Postpone to later date
 Enlist volunteer helpers for administrative assistant and ministers by January 2018.
 Continue to offer ten annual days for minister’s retreats each year. Minister reports retreat participation to the Board.
 Offer two-month sabbatical every 5 years for senior minister.