Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center EarthCare

EarthCare Meeting times are the

First and Third Thursdays of every month at 4:00 p.m.

in Unity Hall.

Sept 30 and on through the week until the 27th will be an international youth climate strike. In some way, I  invite you all to be a part of it thru prayer, action, participation,  donations. It's vitally important that it makes a big impact. The future for our youth is in our hands. I'm not sure what I'm able to send you, but if there's nothing more, go to Youth vs Apocalypse (CYA) for info on what's happening in SF on the 20th. Look for their demands.   #3and 6 are particularly relevant to EarthCare.  There will be gatherings in Davis, Sacramento, and Napa in our area, not necessarily led by SVA. There are many organizations involved including 350.org. and it isn't only for youth. They are calling for our support.  We are the ones who vote. 

Global Youth Climate Strike September 20th

By Karen Harrington

Youth from around the world, inspired by Greta Thunberg, are going on strike for their futures! They are asking us—the adults who have put them in this precarious spot—for our support.

The main action by local youth is being organized by Youth Vs. Apocalypse on September 20th in San Francisco https://www.facebook.com/events/2857619404280511/ . There will be LOTs of actions that whole week (Sept 20-27) around the Bay and the world! 

For more information and to sign up to help, go to:
http://youthvsapocalypse.org/september-week-of-action/. You can read YVA’s seven, well articulated demands there.

Read 350.org’s press release: https://350.org/press-release-usa-climate-strikes-1/