Hospitality Team

Members of this team play an important role at Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center.  Our job is to provide refreshments and to provide an opporunity to connect with others after the service on Sundays.   
As a member of this team your responsibility will be to work with a partner one Sunday per month.  The duties include:
Arrive about one hour before the service;
Set up any tables needed in the Unity Social Hall with all necessary items for the beverages and food;
Prepare the beverages to be served: coffee, tea, water, juice, etc.
Prepare the refreshments to be served;
Enjoy the service and the message;
Arrive back in the kitchen immediately after the service to put out the spread of beverages and food; and
Clean up all of the dishes, containers, tables, and the kitchen after people have eaten.
We focus on providing generally healthy snacks for everyone after the service.   We ask the team members, if they are able, to provide the food for the Sunday they are assigned.  Part of the team commitment is to be available for training and a general volunteer meeting every six months.
This team is all about FOOD, FUN and FELLOWSHIP!
If you are interested in this team please fill out a volunteer information form indicating this team as an area of interest.
To talk with someone on the team contact Mary Carnahan at 707.427.3665 or 707.486-3772.