Flower Team

This team has one main area of responsibility : cutting of flowers from home/other areas or purchasing of  flowers to arrange for the bouquets offered on the altars of Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center each week throughout the year. At present each member of the team prepares the altar flower bouquet, plant or other form of adornment once per month. This is usually done on the Saturday before the Sunday services to make sure the flowers are fresh.
There is no specific manner of creating the bouquets. The members of the team create a plan of what they want to arrange according to their ideas in mind and heart, types of flowers available and/or specific donations of flowers that Unity members and attenders offer to the person on the team in time to make preparations using those flowers.Some team members prepare the evening before the Sunday services and others plan long ahead as to what they want to offer on their chosen Sunday. Some team members also arrange flowers for the Hospitality table and/or the Great Hall when it is their Sunday.
The arrangement on or below the altar in the Sanctuary and in Unity Hall are the most basic responsibility of a team member. These arrangements are changed according to the season of the year.
Current team members are Gretchen Harper, Cathy Lundeen, Ann Millward and Warren Spayth, Team Leader. They invite you to join the team so that you may have the joy of adding what you choose to the Sunday services.There are funds to purchase flowers or you may consider it a part of your tithe or donation to Unity. The team has many vases and other objects to hold flowers.
We hope to include as many members as want to join and encourge the variety of arrangements to allow us to have an eight member team who will every other month offer service(being responsible once every eight weeks) and be a part of the tree and floral decorating for Christmas as well as the Easter Flower Cross preparation at Easter.
Plesae contact Warren Spayth: 707-761-3626, wcspayth@gmail.com