Member Renewal Form

Dear Member of Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center,

What an amazing year 2020 was. So many challenges and we as a community, met them using our collective gifts. As the New Year begins, I am inviting you to restate your commitment to this Center and particularly, to your own spiritual growth.

In accordance with our Bylaws, members are required to renew their membership annually.  Please complete and return the bottom portion of this letter, indicating your membership status, by February 15th.  A self-addressed, stamped envelope is enclosed.   Response to this request assists us in maintaining an accurate and up-to-date membership list.

The Board is so very thankful for the inspiration and leadership of our minister, Rev. Dalia, who learned and stretched to accommodate our community needs during the pandemic, as well as staff and volunteers who keep our Center humming.  Most of all, we are grateful for you – your active participation, creativity and your deeply-rooted spiritual commitment.  We are truly a family.


Pat Kalk, President
Board of Trustees

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