Letter From Unity of the Valley Board President

Letter From Unity Of The Valley Board President

What does the Unity of the Valley Board of Trustees do? And who is on the Board?

The Board’s foremost responsibility is to uphold the spiritual purpose of our ministry and to represent the membership in conducting the business of the church. The Board sets policy, authorizes preparation of financial statements as well as a regular review of our financial records. The Board also employs a licensed or ordained Unity minister and approves the creation of other staff positions. Members of the Board initiate goal planning for the ministry that fulfills our purpose. And Board members commit to their own spiritual growth and utilize spiritual principles in the handling of Board decisions.

Board members are elected by the congregation. The senior minister is a voting member of the Board. In addition to the minister, there are nine of us:  Ray Johnson (Vice President), Brenda Brown (Treasurer), Mike Woodcock (Secretary), Kathryn Patterson, Bob Panzer, Carl Debevec, Elliott Williams, John Working and myself. The dedication of this group and their commitment to the ministry is exceptional. Each member is a true leader and a team player, working out the delicate, sticky and the hard decisions that are part of our work. It’s inspiring for me to work with such a dedicated group!

If you have questions about what we do, how we do it or why, please talk to any one of us, or send your inquiries by sandytosti@gmail.com. Our job is to be of service, to be supportive and transparent. In that spirit, we welcome your suggestions or concerns too.

Stay tuned for an update on the Long Range Plan that the Board and the congregation have undertaken over the past year.