2021 Yard Sale Application


Please return registration form by Ocotober 16, 2021 to Unity of the ValleySpiritual Center 350 N. Orchard Avenue Vacaville, CA 95688 or by submitting this form below.

Please contact (707) 447-0521 for more information. 

Registration Form


(All applications to be turned into the office ASAP—DEADLINE OCTOBER 16th!) Please be respectful of timeframe and return application in TODAY, if possible.

Thank you for your interest in helping Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center with this event.

In order to make it simpler and easier the following suggestions should be followed.

  1. You may work a table as one person or share a table with a friend. There is no fee to have a table but you need to complete an application by October 16th.
  2. You may set up your table as early as 7:30 on the morning of the event.
  3. Please state the nature and approximate number of items you will be selling so that we may provide ample space for your needs.
  4. Keep your items stored at home until the day of the event.
  5. If you reserve a space, please honor your commitment.
  6. Make certain that your items are clean and serviceable on the date of the sale
  7. Keep your area neat and tidy.
  8. Please price your items reasonably so that they will sell.
  9. You will be responsible for collecting all monies and making change available as needed, so please have ones, fives, tens and twenty dollar bills enough to make change.
  10. If you accept checks, please have them payable to Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center.
  11. Please count your money at the conclusion of the event, place in an envelope provided and total your earnings on the front of the envelope with your name legibly printed on the envelope. Turn envelope into Office or to Pat Kalk at the conclusion of the event.
  12. If there are any questions during the day of the event, please find a committee member to ask.
  13. Please remember this is a new method of having this event and bear with us if there are wrinkles that may need to be ironed out. We are attempting to think of questions in advance.
  14. Please clean your area after returning any unsold items to your vehicle.

Thank you,

Yard Sale Team Members: Pat Kalk, Cindy Hulburt, Tish Widemann, Kathryn Patterson


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